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Listen to Your Bread

A tough town like Olean offers a guy only so many job options: sweat in the stench of oil refinery crude, like his immigrant father does, suffer boredom in a factory job, or apprentice in a trade. Icky Haut chooses the latter and works his way up, one crumb at a time, in a commercial bread bakery.

Haut loves everything about baking bread: the smell and taste of yeast, the softness of flour rubbed between fingertips, the intense heat of ovens, the anticipation of a loaf's rise, and the comfort of its promise of sustenance. But after his second child is born, he realizes he's been mixing, proofing, shaping, scoring, and baking dough half his life. Is this it?

Maybe not . . . but then his great idea to expand the bakery jams him up with his boss, and he's toast. How Haut relies on family and faith to start his own bakery is the center of this real-life, local-guy-makes-good story set in the 1930s and 40s. Haut's boss calls bread the "staff of life" feeding his bottom line; the Hauts are nourished by their faith, and that shift in perspective recasts the story to hope in the "Bread of Life."

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Jesus is Risen: Theology for the Church

Walter R. Bouman, ThD, was thoroughly devoted to the church, to its people, and especially to his students.  This book brings Dr. Bouman's essential message, "Jesus is risen, and that changes everything!" into conversation with new readers.

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Alleluia!  A Gedenkschrift in Thanksgiving for the Life of Walter R. Bouman

In this volume, readers are invited to enter into conversation with theologians whose work represents the dynamic search for truth that Walter Bouman once shared, and who continue in the enterprise to which he gave his life. The book begins with the funeral sermon delivered in 2005 by his nephew, Stephen Paul Bouman, for as Walter often said, to begin at the end of the story is to better understand its message. The essays that follow represent the rigorous thinking that Bouman would likely have enjoyed--whether or not he would have agreed, as the authors in this book often indicate. In the first section, Jesus is Risen!, Mark Allan Powell, James M. Childs, Jr., and Gordon W. Lathrop, each a cherished colleague with whom Bouman worked and struggled in strengthening his own theological position, continue arguments on some of the topics in which he was engaged. The second section s essays are by Jonathan Linman, Michael Rinehart, John Buchanan, and Robert Wright, who worked with Bouman on a variety of endeavors or were involved in teaching or leadership roles in the church or the academy. In the third section, the outcome of some of Walt s teaching is seen in contributions from former students and colleagues Becky Robbins-Penniman and Anna Madsen. The chapter is rounded out by a new musical composition by Carl Schalk dedicated to Bouman, and a reflection on the Schalk motet by Nancy Raabe. The volume concludes with Andy Bouman s family reflections on his father.

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